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Why is it worth to use LEAN-MS?

The LEAN-MS system is intended for micro and small production and service enterprises intending to operate according to the lean manufacturing concept.

Using the LEAN-MS program, it is possible to manage the logistics of production orders with the involvement of a minimum number of employees in the administration. In practice, even one person can be enough to manage the execution of customer orders in a production company!

LEAN-MS facilitates the execution of orders of a production and production nature requiring the use of cooperation and production from entrusted materials. It is especially recommended for companies that implement small volume and unit production. Thanks to built-in mechanisms
automation of the system makes work related to the execution of orders much easier and faster, and at the same time limits the possibility of errors. The system also makes it very easy to control the execution of customer orders and purchase deliveries. Order monitoring tools are available
each stage of their implementation. Thanks to the controlling tools, you can easily calculate the cost of the product and assess the productivity of employees, the profitability of orders, products and the company at any time.

LEAN-MS enables full traceability of production. At any time, you can trace from what material supplies a specific batch or production order has been made. Thanks to this, the system can be very useful in companies from the automotive and food industries.

The LEAN-MS functionality can also support companies implementing ISO 9001, ISO / TS, IATF 16949 and HACCP. We recommend for this purpose also our next LEAN-QS computer system.

The accounting area is implemented to a limited extent (warehouse and sales). LEAN-MS makes it possible to control the compliance of purchase deliveries with orders. It is also possible to settle delivery invoices with purchase invoices. Automatic application is also possible
to expend materials for production. Thanks to the available summaries, it is possible to use LEAN-MS together with any accounting system.

The LEAN-MS system is easy and fast to implement and learn. Data import was prepared for the needs of the implementation. As a result, the LEAN-MS system can start and normally operate the company within up to 2 implementation days.

Thanks to the use of the free and trouble-free Firebird database, additional ones are possible
cost savings in the company.

A short functional list of the system:
• Sales,
• Warehouse,
• Technology,
• Shopping,
• Production,
• Controlling.

Technical requirements:
• Windows server or Linux Server (Ubuntu recommended),
• Windows 2000 / NT, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 (32 or 64 bit) workstations,
• Ethernet structural network recommended min. 100 Mbit / s or WiFi 802.11n,
• Databases: Firebird 2.5 or Microsoft SQL Server